Indi – ‘India’ / Kal – ‘for tomorrow’

... Supporting the villages and people of India for today and tomorrow is at the core of Indikal. Trading with these communities enables us to actively help these people to help themselves – and to look forward to a bright, sustainable future.

The sheer mix of India’s diversity is bedazzling and a treasure-trove of surprises:
... each region presents its own culture, each area has its own rich heritage, each valley claims its own history, each village upholds its own traditions, and at the heart of this heady mix are the individuals each with his or her own story to tell ...
It is this diversely personal and cultural mix which is reflected by the unique and authentic goods produced by these highly skilled craftspeople – and which Indikal is privileged to bring directly to you.

We have developed strong relationships with the communities we trade with, and are committed to supporting fair and ethical working environments. In turn, you as a customer are assured that not only is your purchase unique, but that you are playing your part in supporting communities and thus improving lives for both today and tomorrow.
Indikal is a business - but its creation has been, and its focus continues to be, personally led.

Arising from a lifelong passion for individuality, Indikal’s founder Jyoti Hindocha, started collecting one-off pieces throughout her Indian travels. With an eye for detail and the unusual, she discovered an intriguing world of unique goods still being made in the villages of India.

Using traditional methods, combined with new tools, the craftwork represented cultures and skills which Jyoti recognised as being worth both protection and investment. The combination of this with helping these indigenous communities was the inspiration which, in 1997, saw Jyoti establish Indikal.

‘Indikal represents the unique, the non-mass produced and the unusual. Our items, whilst strong to their Indian roots, can indeed transcend cultures. What started as my interest, became a way of life and has culminated in Indikal – and a world of extraordinary skill and quality which I want to share with all my customers.’
Jyoti Hindocha, Founder, Indikal